Therapeutic Educational Program

Embrace offers various educational options in an environment designed to reduce anxiety, increase self-advocacy, and demonstrate significant progress towards functional and relevant goals. Subjects are taught from multiple perspectives and through various modalities, incorporating students’ skills and interests. Students are grouped loosely by age and communication level with groups for pre-K up through high school.

For families looking for a full-time educational option, students can attend from 9:00-3:00 five days a week. Families also have the option to choose a half day schedule or attend on select days. These students may be home schooled or attend other classes.

Embrace offers comprehensive instruction from behavior-based educators. The morning sessions focus on academic subjects taught in small groups and interspersed with breaks and time outside. Curriculum is pulled from a variety of sources and is based on applying skills functionally for each individual. Work times are approximately 20 minutes long, with longer times for science and social studies. Science and social studies involve investigations, drawing conclusions, and learning the context in which these subjects apply to our lives. Goals may also be developed based on a student’s interests and priorities of the family.

Each afternoon there is a two-hour activity program time, including sports, art, engineering, outdoor education, and foreign language. There is no standard curriculum as some students are working towards independent living and specific work skills, others on entering a larger educational setting, and others on going to college. We aim to provide all students with the resources and tools to access any opportunities in their lives.

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