Application Process

Embrace admits students without regard to race, religion, national origin, disabilities, sexual orientation or family composition. Now enrolling for all groups and semesters.

Application Procedure

  1. Call or email ( our directors for a preliminary discussion about our program and your child.
  2. Submit an application form with a $50 application fee (made out to “Embrace Therapeutic Educational Program”) along with a copy of your child’s most recent psychoeducational evaluation and diagnostic report indicating a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (Asperger’s Disorder, Autism Disorder, Social Communication Disorder, or PDD-NOS are also acceptable).
  3. Download, read, and submit a signed copy of our Rates and Policies document.
  4. If no psychoeducatonal evaluation has been completed, set up an evaluation to be completed by Dr. Aurelie Welterlin, one of the directors, or privately.
  5. If aggressive or self-injurious behavior, or other behaviors that significantly impact learning are present, set up an functional behavior assessment to be completed by Jenn Vrieze.
  6. Schedule a parent and child interview with one of the directors.
  7. Once accepted, you will submit a deposit that will be applied to the last tuition payment of a semester.


Tuition includes review of records, individualized program with goals tailored to your child’s needs, data collection and skills tracking, parent training meetings, collaboration with other professionals, and a low student to teacher ratio (1:3 maximum).

The initial intake meeting is free of charge. Most of our social groups are $40 per hour. Assessments, training, and consultations are $125. Please see our Rates and Policies document for more details about tuition and other fees. 


Embrace Therapeutic Educational Program is not in network with any insurance company. Most insurance companies do provide some reimbursement for Behavioral services. We can provide invoices to clients with coding, provider information and other details most insurance companies request when processing reimbursement requests. We will happily work with you to answer any requests for additional information from your insurance company. Clients are solely responsible for payment for services provided by Embrace Therapeutic Educational Program.

We have chosen to remain a private pay company to avoid limitations imposed by insurance companies such as those around treatment modalities and duration. We also are able to keep our costs lower by limiting the number of valuable hours we spend on insurance-specific calls and paperwork. We want our services to be accessible for all and to that end, we are active in supporting legislature that would increase the reimbursement families would receive from their insurance companies. We also can set up payment plans for families. We are grateful to First in Families of North Carolina for providing a financial boost to many of our clients. Visit their page for information on the resources they can provide.


Please feel free to contact with questions about admissions or tuition.
Or call our PHONE NUMBER: 1-919-213-9845.